About Grey

KC REG NAME:  Aucassin Momo at Galody

BREED:  Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

 DOB: 11/04/07

 HIPS:  4/5

 HEIGHT: 24 inches

 WEIGHT: 25kg


BRED BY:  Nicholas Elder


About Grey

Feeling despondent about the hunting ability of UK Weimaraners, we opted for something slightly different.

The newly developed Slovakian Rough Haired Pointers sounded, on paper, like they would tick all the right boxes.

(How could you go wrong, testing for working ability in Slovakia, then breeding the best Weimaraners with the best Cesky Fouseks and the best German Wire-haired Pointers?  Isn’t that like creating your ‘dream team’ in fantasy football??)

Well, Grey did indeed turn out to have a lot more natural hunting ability than Slate ever did, along with an incredible nose.

She also turned out to be an amazing dog, socially, with other dogs and to have a fantastic temperament.  She knows just how to diffuse tension in difficult encounters, and adapts her play to the requirements of her playmates.

And she has much more love of water and was much easier to get swimming, as a youngster…

But she also turned out to have hard-mouth.  Which was a pretty big obstacle to being able to do anything useful with her at all, in terms of gundog work.

Hard mouth isn’t assessed for, in the US or continental Europe, but it is a heinous crime in UK gundog circles.  And it is pretty incurable and considered to be genetic, and not something training can cure.

I had hoped Grey could have a working test career on dummies, once hard-mouth ended our trial hopes.  But she seemed not to be aware of where her own feet were, let alone able to learn directions and casting.

(This was despite a lot of painstaking breaking-down of directional cues and a great deal of training time and effort expended.  The concepts just didn’t seem to be grasped by her.  She is not the smartest dog on the block!)

And she is an infrequent ‘pointer’, preferring instead to put the game up rather than point it.  (Making Spring Pointing Tests a challenge too!)

So, Grey spends her days keeping young Moye in check and hunting for pheasants and rabbits, but not retrieving them!

A cast iron constitution, and very good conformation, mean that she has hardly ever been ill in her life.


KC Good Citizen Awards

  •  KC Gold Award – 14/12/08
  • KC Silver Award – 28/06/08
  • KC Bronze Award – 07/12/07
  • KC Puppy Foundation Assessment – 13/07/07

Other Gundog Awards

  •  NAT (Natural Ability Test) – 22/08/09



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